What We Do

We plan all year to help families around the holidays.  Every year we help more and more families have happy holidays! Through the generosity of the community, we are able to help almost 200 families a year  have a Christmas where they would otherwise not be able to because of need. Food for a Christmas dinner, presents for children and parents, and gift cards for the supermarket of their choice are our most popularly given items. 

Watching community members bring in literally tons of gifts so selflessly for others is a gift in itself. We are so grateful to be able to provide help to those in need but again we would not be able to do anything without the help and generosity of the community!


How We Do It

Human services organizations gather a list of families in Franklin County that are in need. We never know their names, where they live, or anything about them other than what they need/want for Christmas. We then give the need/want lists to community organizations, businesses, and individuals that want to ‘adopt’ these families and buy some or all of the items on their wants/needs list. These orgs, businesses/people bring in the wrapped gifts for their families, we organize them, and give them to the families a week or so before Christmas.

Many organizations will adopt a family or two and ask fellow employees to buy a single gift from the list in order to spread out the cost of giving. There are a few organizations that take many, many families and provide a great amount of aid to them but large or small every bit helps!

Want to learn how you can help by adopting a family for your own organization, business, or by yourself? Want to be a sponsor or a volunteer? See our How You Can Help page for details.

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